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Unfortunately we do get behind activating services especially on weekends and times we have more sign-ups than usual. But fear not, we are currently activating services in the order that the payments were made.

Your plan will not start until you receive your login email. Sometimes we are after the 24 hour mark when sending your login but fear not you wont lose any service time as the account doesn’t start until your login email is sent. 

You’ll be able to make your payment the same way you originally did just remember to write your user name in the customer ID section of the payment form that way we know which account you are paying for. To avoid any service interruption its best to pay your bill at least one or two days before it’s due.

To create an account you will go to the shop page from the menu icon. From there you choose which service you want and how many connections. If you want to make your own username be sure to list it in the Customer ID section that’s listed towards the top of the payment form. ALSO WRITE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN CORRECTLY so we are able to send you your login info to your email.

The main thing to remember if you are purchsing multiple accounts is to write “NEW ACCOUNT” in the Customer ID section of your payment form so we know you want to create a new account instead of making a payment to an exsiting acount. Or you could write whatever you’d like the new username to be. You can purchase multiple accounts by following the same steps as creating your first account.

If you’re using a VPN this may be causing the issue. Play with your server location on the VPN or disable it and try the service again.


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